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Praise Reports

God is making moves

Your prayer people, have been praying for me and others for over a year, and now I see fruit of your prayers. I didn’t have work for a long time, that things were not going to get better and my life was over. I see God making moves in my life now and its exciting!

- Brent

Raise at work

Hi, I just wanted to share with you some good news I received today. My employer has decided to raise our salaries to 2.5% at my workplace. However, I found favor in the eyes of my employer and they gave me more than double to 5.6%. This is truly a wonderful answer to our prayers! Thanks for agreeing with me in prayer! All the honor and glory and thanks be to God!

- David

Fear left me, and rest came

Last night I phoned at 1:30am, having been unable to sleep since I went to bed at 9:00pm. I am experiencing a mental illness (MPD) that the Lord is healing me of, and it was affecting my sleep, plus the stressful living situation I am in made it worse. I was in a lot of fear. After praying with one of your prayer ministers, the fear left, the mental illness settled down, and I was finally able to sleep. Thank you so much! When I woke up this morning I had only 3 hours of sleep, but I felt remarkably well rested and had quite a good and active day, with much much less stress and fear in my day. So thank you so very much for praying for me. God is good and He does answer prayers!

- Robin

Closer to Christ

The last couple of weeks, Fredrik seems to be drawing closer to me. We even go out running once a week now. Yesterday something new happened. For the first time he had a necklace around his neck. He told me it was his confirmation gift he got when he was 15 years old. To me that was a sign that God is working on his heart. This is a result of our prayers for him, no doubt. He is getting closer and closer to a decision to follow Christ. Praise the Lord!

- David


Just wanted to say Thank you. I asked for prayer for a job for my husband and just wanted to thank you for praying. God provided employment for him along with a company vehicle. Thank you!

- Vivian

Fear gone!

Thank you very much for praying for my fear of heights and having to go up a ladder to pick pears for the new job I have. Today was the first day I had to get on a ladder and it was amazing! No fear! I spend 5 hours going up and down a ladder as if I had done it all the time, no hesitation, no fear and completely enjoying the job! I have been afraid of being on a ladder since I was a child, and I have never been so completely confident and fearless. I had so much fun today and really enjoyed the job. So thank you for praying for me.

- Robin

Asthma gone!

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for having done it all on the cross. I am so blessed with the healing of my flesh from asthma during my time in Kenya World Impact Bible Institute (WIBI).

- Jerim

Healing in foot

Praise Jesus, I want to thank everyone for your prayers about my foot. I went to work today and stayed on my feet all day with NO PAIN. PRAISE JESUS!!! Again thank you to everyone.

- K M

No flooding!

Praise Jesus, on the 26th when I asked for prayer about flooding, we got about 118mm of rain in less than 24 hours…and no flooding. A bit of puddles but I know that this is from prayer because I have had flooding in only 30-50mm of rain. So thank you for your prayers.

- K M

: - )

I just watched the “answers to prayers” video and was greatly encourage by Peter’s honest testimony concerning the health issue he had to face.It helped me a lot to hear that “emotionally it’s difficult”. We have been so bombarded by the “you must have faith” to get your prayers answered. It was comforting to hear that there is One Who has limitless faith and His Name is Jesus.. Without too much detail, the last 2 years have been horrendous for me due to an emotional breakdown after my son whom I love very much, went and married a lady 3 years ago who wants nothing to do with me. Amazingly, my previously loving, doting son, told me I cannot keep in touch; I presume due to his loyalty to his wife. I can’t begin to describe the heartache I went through to have this happen after raising him all alone for 16 years in a foreign country where I now have not a single relative left! What made it even worse is that I was never offered a single explanation. I met my now daughter in law only once for 40 mins. She decided right there and then she didn’t want anything to do with me. Not willing to give up, over the past 3 years I texted my son anyway for Christmas, his birthday etcand of course I prayed; and only this year have I began to receive a very brief reply to my text, one with a :-). Cried for joy for hours!! Thank you Jesus!!

- Claudine

Instant healing

I happened to find your TV program nearly at the end of your message when the minister prayed for the people at large. He mentioned among other ailments that someone had a right shoulder pain, probably a muscle issue or so. I have had this problem for months. I lifted my hands to receive a healing and I did! I have no more pain! Thanks to the Lord and His tender servant who prayed.

- Herman

Ministry life after being healed

Thank you sir. Nine years ago I received perfect healing from almighty God in your meeting (Hyderabad, India). Since that day I am doing His ministry. God is great. He saved all my family and relatives in our place. We love you and thank you.

- Lendup

Finances for school

Thank you for your prayers that got my son a scholarship grant for $2000!

- Armand

Got the job I longed for!

I have been asking for prayer for a job and specifically for a position I have longed for with Revenue Canada Agency providing tax services. I start training on August 6, 2013 for 6 weeks ending September 13, 2013. Upon successful completion of the training, a contract will be offered for 6 months with the possibility of an extension. Thank you Jesus for answering this prayer and thank World Impact Ministries/Peter Youngren and his team for your continued prayer support. God bless you all abundantly in Jesus wonderful Holy name!

- Wayne

Holy spirit filled

Hi Peter Youngren I’m from Hyderabad, India. I was filled by the Holy Spirit through your ministry!

- Pvani

Accepting Jesus!

I wanted to let you know that my son who is 15 years old was being attacked by satan. I’m a new believer and was trying to pray for him but it was not working. So I called your prayer line and explained this to a very nice lady that answered. She calmed me down and then prayed for my son, and within 15 minutes my son was fine. I asked how he felt and he said all of a sudden calm…why? Then I told him that I called the prayer line and he looked shock. So I gave him a copy of the prayer to accept Jesus as his savior, and he read it! Wow. Thank you so much. All of you keep up the great work. Jesus loves you and so do I!

- Paul

Eyes healed!

Sir, during the Nagpur Friendship Festival my mother’s eyes got healed! Thank to Lord Jesus!

- Tushar

Kidney disease

Thank you! I was recently told my kidney disease is in clinical REMISSION! Praise God!!

- Denise

Strength to work

I want to thank you for praying for me to be strong in my body at work since I had an upset stomach and hadn’t been able to eat much. I felt good all day when I called in for prayer, and had no issue with getting my work completed. My job is very physical so thank you very much.

- Robin

Released from hospital

Dear pastor and everyone, thank you for praying for my brother-in-law for healing of leukemia. He lives in Florida and was in the hospital and praise God that he was released yesterday, and has to do treatment, so continue to pray for him. Thank you for your prayers not just for him but for everyone else. God is amazing!

- Natasha

Love in Christ!

My nephew Sayer who had brain cancer had just turned 10 years old. He has gone to be with the Lord on June 29, 2013. This little boy would tell us not to feel bad for him because God had told him he no longer had cancer. He woud say that he couldn’t wait to see Jesus. Sayer donated his stem cells to two little blind boys who were on the same floor with him. Many came to the Lord and some became stronger in love with Christ because we saw the love that Jesus gave to Sayer. On behalf of my family, THANK YOU for your prayers and being there always for the ones who are in need of God.

- Mary

No pain in legs

Praise the Lord. Thanks sister Veronica and all prayer warriors for Moses. Swelling is gone, and no more pain in legs, and no more protein lost in urine. Thank you Jesus for healing Moses. Thank you all. God bless you all.

- Najma

Planting seeds

Hi, I just wanted to send you a few lines to tell you about the wonderful results of our prayers for Jakob. During June 25-30, when we worked together cleaning my house, God softened his heart more and more. From not showing much interest in the things of God, he started to ask more and more questions. He even enjoyed taking a scripture card every now and then. The final day God opened up an opportunity for me to share my personal testimony about how I became a Christian. Before we parted we had a time of worship, where he played the guitar and I sang songs of worship. God gave me a boldness to pray out good things over his life and to bless him in prayer. Before this week he wouldn’t have felt comfortable with such an act. However, now he didn’t object to my prayers and seemed to leave a happy guy. Now the seeds sown must be given some time to grow until we meet again in the autumn.

- David

No reason for biopsy

I asked for prayer for a biopsy that my wife was having done today; Praise Jesus after the second ultra sound the doctors could find no reason to do a biopsy; and gave her a clear report. Thank you for your prayers.

- Paul

Completing program with highest GPA!

I would like to give glory to God for all He has done in my life and for my family. I came to Canada in 2007 with a Master’s degree in law and in MBA. I wanted to practice as a lawyer. But on my arrival, I realized that my degrees were not recognized. So I decided to change my vision but I prayed and the Lord told me not to. So, I decided to go for law school and start from scratch. From the very first day till the end of my school, there were so many difficulties that I thought I would not complete the program. I did not stop praying and many times, I requested your prayers. Not only did the Lord led me to the completion of the program, I completed it with distinction, having the highest GPA of my class. We have a great and wonderful God who loves us, protects us and ALWAYS provides for us. I thank you for your prayers and I give God the glory!

- Benjamin

Survived dangerous disease and surgery

Praise Jesus I have survived a very dangerous disease and surgery. I had surgery on Monday and the next morning the surgeon said I looked like someone that did NOT have surgery. I have no pain nor complications. The chairman of the ENT department performed the operation so the Lord had blessed me with the best. The chairman even came to my bedside and spoke with me about everything before I went to sleep. God was letting me know that His hand was in control. I came home Tuesday and will be out for 1 to 2 weeks from work. When I was 19 (now 52) years old I had an INCURABLE disease called Aspergillosis in my maxillary sinus. It was eating it’s way toward my brain and eyes. Prayer warriors came to my hospital bed and prayed for me. Later the doctors did a biopsy and they found nothing at all so this was a true miracle. I turned my back on God and here I am again. The fungus has life at high risk but Jesus does heal, repair and restore. The doctors are telling me that they want to operate agin in another month to be sure that ALL the disease is gone. But I have to believe that Jesus has already completed his work in me. I believe that I am already 100% healed but I do need to listen to the doctors as well. Next is to live the rest of my life for the glory of Jesus. Thanks again to your entire Grace Prayer Center staff.

- David

More energy, more strength!

I want to thank you for all your prayers for me and my horse Ziggy and our situation over the years. I asked you to pray for me over my body being well and strong as I am at work, and it is working. Other people on the crew, some even younger than me, are complaining about being sore and tired at the end of the day. I feel wonderful and I could keep going. So thank you…your prayers have been effective. Also, my horse’s appetite has improved and my veterinarian has been led to suggest putting him on an anti-inflammatory, hence his improved appetite and brighter, happier state of mind and body. Please continue to pray for him, as he has a road to go in his recovery. Things are looking much, much better. Thank you for all your prayers.

- Robin

New Condo

Dear Pastor and everyone, thank you for praying for me and I got the condo with your prayer that i asked for from the seller.

- Natasha

Fibroid gone...expecting pregnancy

I gave your book “Great Faith for Great Miracles” to a woman who was barren because of fibroid. After reading a few pages she got healed! This happened 2 months ago. We are waiting for her pregnancy now.

- Kevin

Lost weight!

I have lost 41 pounds and 7 inches off my stomach and I give God all the glory! I still need to lose another 70 pounds, please pray that God will keep me going with my healthy living.

- Steven

Prayers answered

All praise to the Lord! Last month of April I have sent a prayer request for my Pastor’s marriage and the Lord’s will for his life. Now he is married and very happy. Last week I have sent another prayer request for my mother, and thank God she has been healed and God has done a miracle in her life! She was unconscious for four days and now she is conscious. Praise the Lord she is 85 years old.

- Pooja

Blessed journey

I just wanted to send you a quick praise report from my trip to Spain with the Swedish group. We were truly blessed and greatly protected during the whole stay. We were so wonderfully taken care of by our host families in Spain, who met our every need. We had a great time together with a lot of new experiences and a lot of laughter. On our second day of the trip God gave me an amazing opportunity to share my personal testimony of how I became a Christian to my boss. I really felt how the Spirit was working in my boss. Praise God! On Tuesday May 14 we celebrated my birthday. There was an accident. I was moving a table in the dark outside and a broken electrical cable hang from the roof and touched my head. It all went black and the whole house was left without electricity. Electricity went through my body from top till toe, but apart from a small burn wound in my head I was unharmed, though a little bit shaky. Without your prayer support I’m sure it would have been much worse. Praise God for His goodness and His grace of protection! I think the devil might have been mad with me because I delivered my testimony to my boss in such a successful manner… After many conversations I got my boss’ attention and we reached an understanding and a compromise when it comes to my schedule and working hours that I feel I can accept. Thanks again for your prayers! God is so good!

- David

Final grades

I took the time to ask you to pray for me. I want to make the time to tell you “THANK YOU” for praying for me. My final grade for the Global Studies Class is an A+. My grade for my final paper, “Reaching the Unreached Jews in America” was an A+. The paper was worth 300 points. I got 297 points. Thank you Jesus, and again, thank you for your prayers.

- Linda

Appreciation for work

Thank you very much for praying for me, now I got an agency to do my internship. Glory and honour be to our saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

- Abdon

Blood pressure down

I’ve met with my doctor the other week and checked my blood pressure. They gave me a machine to register my blood pressure at home for a whole week. It seems like my blood pressure is stabilizing now. At least it is far from as a high as before. Praise the Lord!

- David

Healthy baby boy

I want to thank God and the Grace Prayer Center. I submitted a prayer request concerning my pregnancy. I asked God to assist me during delivery and to help me give birth to a healthy baby. I thank God for His love and faithfulness my prayer has been answered! I have a 5 week, healthy baby boy. Praise be to the Lord Jesus for his love and thank you to pastor Peter and the Grace Prayer Center.

- Musili

Healing from Dengue fever

I praise the Lord for completely healing me from dengue fever, vomiting and loose stools caused by a mosquito bite. I really suffered for 8 days including 3 days in hospital where I was administered 1 unit/pint blood to improve my blood pallets and today I am back home from the hospital! Please pray for me to re-gain my original strength and to do my daily activities.

- Anand

Kidney operation a success

I called for prayer before while I was sick. I had my kidney operation and now I am doing well.

- Harold from ON

No more voices!

I used to hear voice in my head, but now that I’ve been saved from being bi-polar, the medication has been decreased and I don’t hear voices anymore.

- Robert from FL

Instant healing

I had nausea yesterday and was very sick. I called in and tried to ask for help with prayer for healing. As soon as I left a message on voicemail, I got instantaneously healed!

- Josie from ON

Seizure gone!

I called the prayer centre for my daughter’s friend, and now her friend Steve has been miraculously healed from when he was in the hospital with seizure.

- Delores from ON

Son is Clean from Drugs!

My son was able to return to his job. He is a new Christian and we are praying for peace in his life.

- Jane from ON


I’ve been set free from hearing demonic voices!

- Glenda Ward from AB

Sleeping Well!

I have a sleeping disorder, but now I have been sleeping well and been healed by God.

- Marilla Reid from ON

Household being sold

The mortgage broker wanted to sell the house for less than the correct value, but it has worked out where I do have someone looking to buy this house.

- Nicky Cuculoco from ON

Healing nicely!

Last Sunday I had an MRI and wanted to know if the cancer spread. Good test results came back!

- Mary Carson from ON

Healing much better

After I heard from Pastor Peter on T.V. about the living free message segment I am now healed!

- Slyvia from BC

Good News!

After two weeks of Miracle Prayer, my husband Michael will no longer undergo Chemo Therapy. I’ve been suffering from depression but because of prayer I was set free from depression. Having peace, joy and just resting made me whole! God is good!

- Lorraine Comiden from ON

Insurance Settled

I called this morning and prayed with a Grace prayer partner about my insurance settlement that kept being rejected. Shortly after we prayed I got a call saying that the settlement went through and I was going to get my pay out!

- Natasha from ON

Cancer Can't Be Found

I called in for prayer for my husband who had prostate cancer. He had tests done and the came back negative for cancer! God Is Good!

- Opie from ON

Mom Is Better

I called in for prayer for my mom. The next day she was on the mend and doing much better. Praise God!

- Patricia from ON

I'm Healed!

I called two weeks ago to ask for prayer for my arthritis and psoriasis all over my body. I now have no arthritis and most of my psoriasis is gone!

- Les from NWT

Mortgage Reduced

The interest rate dropped from 7% to 2% so I have only 19 months left to pay my mortgage. Then I’m debt free!

- WM from ON

Free From Alcohol

I had struggled with alcohol for over 20 years, Pastor Peter came to Kingston two years ago and since then I have been free from alcohol.

- Marcia from ON

Cancer gone!

Cathy was admitted to the hospital with cancer when she was prayed for the Doctors did a check up and found that the cancer was gone!

- Suva from ON

I Can Dance Again!

I was in a lot of pain I called the Grace Prayer Center and we prayed about my pain. The pain left and I was able to dance on New Years Eve at my church!

- Lori from ON

Free from Depression

I prayed last week and everything worked out! I am now free from depression.

- Charles Henry from QC

I Have Lived A Miracle!

While waiting for the radiologist’s report on a possible cancerous tumor found in my uterus last week, I listened to Peter on tv he inspired me to phone your prayer center. A kind prayer counselor prayed and reminded me of God’s grace and goodness. The results came in not long after and miraculously, the diagnosis was changed. I do not have cancer! I have lived a miracle! Praising God!!

- LC

Baby Is Normal!

Baby was born Dec.23rd/11 and we were told he had Down Syndrome and a club foot and white blood cell count was down. I called the Grace Prayer Center and we prayed that the brain and foot would be normal and all blood counts normal. God has answered and everything is normal. We are so thankful to the Lord!

- May from NB

Heart Restored!

I had been struggling with heart palpitations for a long time. I called for prayer and everything is now normal.

- Linda from ON

Case Closed!!

I called 3 months ago concerning a court case that was coming up at the end of the year. I am calling back to praise God as I won the case and restoration is mine. PTL!

- AB from NL

No Cancer!

I went to the doctors and they had suspected breast cancer. I called for prayer and we agreed that every test would come back normal. Praise God no cancer. All tests were normal.

- OPE from ON

God Answered In 2 Days!

I had been jobless for quite some time. Out of my desperation I called in for prayer and within 2 days I had a job. I am now becoming a partner with this ministry because God blessed me and I want to bless others with the Gospel.

- VE from QC

Received Jesus Today!

I was on drugs and alcohol and needed peace in my life. Saw the program and called in to ask for prayer for peace. The person who answered shared the reality of Jesus to me and I received him as my Lord and Savior. I now have peace.

- SB from QC

Leg Healed!

My brother was to have his leg amputated because of a blockage that had stopped the blood flow and circulation. I called for prayer that the Lord would divinely intervene and when they took him into surgery they were able to remove the blockage that was inaccessible before. Even the doctor’s said he has received a miracle today. PTL!

- RD from NS

Tuition Paid!

I appreciate God for His abundant love and this ministry for continued prayers. I asked you to pray for my tuition fees for my master program in the UK and God miraculously answered my prayers and all my financial need was met.

- DRT from England

Doctor's and Nurses amazed!

We are praising God for the miracle he gave to our grandson after we had asked for prayer with this ministry. Our grandson was admitted to hospital with serious pneumonia. After we prayed the very next day he was sent home completely healed. I am so thankful to our loving Almighty God who answered prayer.

- AC from Website

Sober For The First Time In 20 Years!

I was a severe alcoholic for 20 years. Peter came to my city to hold meetings and I went. He prayed for me and God delivered me. My liver has been restored all signs of damage are gone. I am so thankful to the Lord to finally be free.

- MW from ON

Only The Report of The Lord!

I was having extreme pain in my breast and they were going to do tests to see if there was any cancer. I was watching Grace Television when I saw the commercial for the prayer line. It so encouraged me that I had to call and have them pray with me. I felt so good after prayer I was sure everything would be ok. All my tests came back normal and I am praising my Jesus for the beautiful gift of healing he gave to me.

- O from ON

God's Favor!

I was having difficulty at work. They treated me very poorly and cut my hours. I decided to call the Grace prayer center to have someone agree with me for favor at my work. That after noon I went into work and it was totally turned around. God’s favor not only restored my hours but increased them and I now receive the respect I deserve. I am so overjoyed by it all that I want to give back to God so I became a partner with the ministry.

- TC from ON

Decided To Choose Life!

I wanted to commit suicide when I tuned into the program and Peter’s words really spoke to me and I changed my mind and so thankful.

- Leanne from ON

When you spoke The Pain Left!

November 3rd I was really blessed hearing the testimony’s of Joe & Sophie Yancey. At the end of the program you prayed for those watching. You had a word of knowledge for someone that had a shoulder injury I had hurt my shoulder the day before and I was in a lot of pain. When you spoke that out all the pain left my shoulder and I was completely healed. Praise God Thank you for providing christian television. May God bless your ministry and the ministry of grace tv.

- TS from Website

Able To Conceive!

Called for prayer for my daughter-in-law who had cancer. She has been given a clean bill of health and now can conceive again. Praising God!

- NV from Website

Thyroid Normal!

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Was on medication for this.Called for prayer now the doctor said he can’t find anything and has taken me off the medication.Jesus has healed me.

- KZ from SK

Brain Healed!

My daughter-in-law was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Her brain filled up with fluid. I called the prayer center and God heard our prayer and now she is healed.

- IJ from NB

Blood Tests Normal!

Was diagnosed with possible Lymphoma. Called for prayer and all the tests came back normal. God is so good!!

- Doris from ON

Case Dismissed!

My son was falsely accused of a crime and taken to court. We called for prayer and God answered and the case was dismissed. PTL!

- C from ON

He Exceeded our expectations!

My husband started a new fishing business and needed 40 ton of fish to make a profit. Called for prayer and he brought in 23 ton. Called again and we filled one ship and had to call for the second one. Filled it and as we were going back into port the fish were following us in. Praise the Lord for He is the God of more than enough.

- Lolitta from BC

Scalp problem totally healed!

I called for pray for my niece who was struggling with a severe scalp problem and hair loss. 2 weeks after calling the Grace Prayer Center she was totally healed and her hair was starting to grow back. She is completely healed today. PTL!

- Eddie from ON

No Bone Cancer!

She had breast cancer and they told her that it had gone into the bone. She called here for prayer and we prayed and all her protein levels came back normal. No Cancer!!!

- DZ from SK

The Holy Spirit Knows everything!

This man called the prayer line and did not speak English. We decided to pray in the spirit over him and as we did he became very excited. It turned out that we were speaking in his language. He put the phone down and went and found someone who spoke english and they said he told them we spoke in his language for his financial situation. God knows all our needs and if we are willing he will even change our language to show us his love.

- RU from Mexico

Skin Cancer Gone!

Had a skin cancer below my left eye. Called the Grace Prayer Center and the next day the cancer was completely gone. PTL!

- EK from ON

Permit Approved!

Was unable to work as a new resident to Canada. Called for prayer to get a work permit. He was approved and now has found a job.

- KA from ON

Bone Scan Clear!

Called for prayer for her sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was scheduled for a bone scan as they believed it may have gone into the bone. After prayer all her tests came back normal. She said she new in her heart that as soon as they injected her for the tests she was healed.

- Nicky from ON

Blood Clot Gone!

I called to ask prayer for a friend Irwin who was in hospital with a blood clot in the brain. After prayer it is gone he is healed and back home. PTL!

- Maureen from ON

Ankle Healed!

I had what is called a “frozen ankle” and had lost mobility in it.After prayer it is healed.

- Joanelle from BC

All the pain is gone!

I had severe pain in my eyes and as the prayer partner prayed with me on the phone all the pain left. PTL

- EM form NB

The truth has set me free!

A friend always came to my home and wanted to watch your encounter program.I was an atheist but allowed them to watch.After watching with them and listening to the message I have found my way back to Jesus.Thank you for showing me the light.

- GD

Love Was On The Scene!

My sister was in a very bad relationship and was trying to end it when it turned violent. I called the Grace Prayer Center to pray for her and her 2 daughters protection. The next day he walked into her work place and pulled out a .357 gun and fired twice at close range and then killed himself. God’s hand of protection was upon her life and she sustained only minor injuries and was back home in 24 hours. I had prayed that God’s love was on the scene and he would show up. Oh how wonderful he is!

- KM

Doctor's gave no hope!

My sister had a massive stroke and was in a coma. The Doctor’s said even if she woke up the damage to her brain was so massive she would never recover from it. They said we should prepare for her to die. We refused this report and called the Grace Prayer Center where prayed for her from the finished work of the cross. Today she is awake and her speech is 100% restored.PTL!

- BP from ON

I believed and received Healing!

I was watching the program that Anthony Greco was a guest and he prayed for healing for someone’s back and I received that prayer and was able to do things I couldn’t do for a very long time.

- MM from ON

Back Healed!

I was watching the program and Peter had a word of knowledge that someone’s back was being healed. I received that word and my back is healed.

- Keri form BC

Jesus set me free!

I was falsely charged with stealing a year ago. During that time I was connected with the Grace Prayer Center. I called yesterday for prayer as they were going to put me in a line up. I was so a shamed! When they prayed with me the power of God hit me and I new God had heard. We prayed that the truth would be revealed and everything would be thrown out. That is exactly what happened and I never even had to enter the court. All charges were dropped and I am praising God.

- LS from ON

Jesus did what man couldn't!

My friend was diagnosed with a very rare brain disease. Her husband being a doctor took her all over the world looking for a cure.Her brain was deteriorating and she could no longer recognize any one or walk. He brought her home to Canada die. I called the Grace Prayer Center and we prayed and God has worked a miracle. She is out of the wheel chair using a walker getting stronger every day. Gone back to The United States and the doctors response is” well we must have misdiagnosed her”. We are praising God because we know Jesus is the one who healed her.

- IJ from NB

My life is forever changed!

I have spent my entire life trying to be saved. Today I heard your message on The Tree Of Life and will forever be changed as I now truly understand it is all bout Jesus. I now understand my salvation and am so moved in my heart I can’t seem to stop weeping. I am so thankful.

- AP from BC

Thank You Grace TV!

I am so blessed and changed by the message that is preached on GTV. Thank you Peter for explaining about God’s forgiveness. I am finally free.

- AC from ON

God supplied Financial need!

I had an urgent financial need and no possible means to see it met. I called the Grace Prayer Center and the very next day God spoke to someone to come see me as I had a need. He used them to answer that prayer. We serve an awesome God!

- Varona from QC

God Turned it around!

I had been out of work for quite some time. I was desperate when I called the Grace Prayer Center. Praise God the door opened for a job after we prayed together. I have been working 2 weeks now and it feels so good. Thank you Jesus!

- John from AB

Surgery No Longer Required!

I had surgery to remove my overies. They diagnosed me with stage 4 cancer. Found cancer in my breast and wanted to remove it. Called GTN prayer line and after prayer cancer is gone and the surgery has been canceled. Thanking God for her miracle.

- DZ from SK

Food allergy gone!

I was having trouble with my stomache as a result of food allergies. I called the Grace Prayer Center and now I can eat normally and my body is functioning properly.

- John

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