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Possessing Your Promises

"Until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field, and the fruitful field is counted as a forest."
- Isaiah 32

Trees in the Bible carry a powerful symbolism.

From the tree of life in the Garden of Eden to the tree of life in the New Jerusalem, trees are an integral part of the believers faith in Christ. Jesus Christ bore our sins in His own body on a tree. Isaiah prophesied that those who believe on Jesus would be trees of righteousness. David spoke that the righteous in Christ will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

The Grace Biblical Forest is a unique opportunity to be part of a deeply meaningful prophetic fulfillment. Tree planting is a vital part of the restoration of the land of Israel. Isaiah prophesied that strangers from outside Israel would participate in the restoration of the land.

grace-forest---planting-tree Grace TV, in connection with the government of Israel, is planting 100,000 trees, many of them olive trees and other fruit bearing trees across Israel. Local farmers across Israel gratefully receive these trees and look after the harvest.

The Grace Biblical Forest is your opportunity to participate in fulfilling biblical prophecy.

With your gift of $30 to Grace TV, you will plant one tree from yourself, or in honour of a member of your family. You will receive a decorative tree planting certificate in your name, or the name of the person in whose honour you are planting the tree. Your personalized certificate will be signed by the Israeli authorities and Grace TV.

Jacob and Caleb

When you give a gift of $360 to Grace TV, you will plant a cluster of twelve trees in the honour of your family or the persons you name. With the planting of twelve trees you will receive a unique statue in 0.925 sterling silver depicting Joshua and Caleb carrying the grapes they discovered in the land of milk and honey. This unique design from Israel will be a powerful reminder of God's promises of Christ in you. With the planting of 12 trees, you will also receive 12 personalized certificates to the names of your choice.

israel-trees-lop-logo GRACE-TV Network’s love and support for the nation of Israel has been generously and wholeheartedly demonstrated in their partnership with the Land of Promise Foundation and the Jewish National Fund. The heart for ministry and the desire for outreach that Peter and the entire staff of GRACE-TV have is obvious to many different people all over the world; however, we have seen it in a special way in their faithful and determined support. It is our joy to accept their hand of friendship as we jointly move forward with a vision to bless the nation of Israel and plant 100,000 trees in Israel – the homeland of God’s chosen people and the birthplace of Jesus.



"I saw the Grace TV program today about planting trees in Israel. I was a teenager in 1950 when planting trees in Israel was started. I had a desire to do so but didn't know how to be a part of it. I carried this burden for 60 years in my heart. Today I tuned into the Grace Forest TV program and was so excited to see this exciting opportunity to plant trees in Israel. I called the Grace Prayer Center and was able to see my dream finally fulfilled." - Sidney-Anne, Moncton NB