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Your Harvest of Increase

April 15, 2011



Those ripe apples won’t pick themselves off the tree… or put themselves in the barn…… Your harvest of increase is ready to be picked… by YOU!

Dear Friend,

I am more thrilled than ever when I think about you and all the partners who pray, give, and faithfully stand with Grace TV. You are the ones who send this message of God’s grace to the world.

I believe the great harvest of souls that Jesus prophesied would come is now underway. That means that the financial harvest prophesied in the Word, that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous, has also started. There has always been a connection between the harvest of souls and the financial harvest of increase for God’s people.   

Friend, the appletree shows how grace and faith work. 

God causes the seed to become a tree full of apples, but those ripened apples won’t pick themselves, or put themselves into the barn. While Jesus has provided everything we need, by faith we pick the harvest of blessing off of the tree of God’s grace.

Some people sow their money into the kingdom of God and then sit back and wait for the harvest to happen. That won’t work with a natural crop and it won’t work with the spiritual crop.  

Look how Jesus’ parable about the sower ends, that some seed “fell on good ground and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased and brought forth some thirty, some sixty and some a hundred” (Mk 4:8). That’s God’s plan for you… 

A MAXIMUM HARVEST! Now look at the whole parable (Mk 4:3-8).

1. The moment the sower sowed he had problems.

No matter how powerful the seed, it didn’t produce unless it fell in fertile soil. It is very important where you give your money. If you want a MAXIMUM YIELD there is no higher return than giving to the advancement of the Gospel. There is a big difference between giving in general, even in good Christian causes, and giving to spread the Gospel.

Gospel soil will produce an unparalleled harvest! 

World Impact Ministries has given follow-up material to more than 14 million new believers and that same favor is now on Grace Television, we are reaching people that we could never reach any other way. Grace TV is hot soil.

2. The sower needed productive ground.

Jesus told us what that ground is; “the field is the world” (Matt. 13:38). Put your seed into a world ready to be harvested for the Gospel.

3. The sower had problems with Satan.

Jesus said that when the Word was sown in some hearts, “Satan comes immediately and takes away the Word” (Mk 4:15).

Satan is a master at deception, bombarding our minds with thoughts that are contrary to the finished work of Jesus. He causes us to think that we have to pray about things which God has already provided when in fact all we really need to do is receive them. That’s why I constantly encourage people to “give no place to the devil” (Eph. 4:27).

Real spiritual warfare is to cast down every imagination that is against the knowledge of what Jesus Christ has already provided for us.

4. Put in your sickle.

We read, “When the fruit is brought forth, immediately he puts in the sickle because the harvest has come” (Mark 4:29). This is a good time to shout for joy, the seed and the soil have done their part, the crop is ripe, all that’s needed now is for someone to take a sickle and gather in the harvest.  

What is the sickle? How do we bring in the harvest of souls? How do you harvest the blessing Jesus has provided for you? 

The answer is in our mouth. 

I bring in the harvest of souls by speaking the revelation of Jesus. The instrument of harvest is my tongue and my mouth announcing the Gospel. Sometimes we have had altar calls where we have individually counseled more than 150,000 people to receive Christ in one service. That’s a bumper crop.

How do you receive the harvest of blessing in your personal life? The answer is in your mouth, we speak the Word because Jesus is “the Apostle and High Priest of our confession” (Hebr. 3:1).

We speak to our mountain in the name of Jesus (Mk 11:23), and then Jesus backs up the words of faith which we have spoken. 

If God didn’t bless the apple seed that became a tree, it would not matter how much you tried to pick those apples, they just wouldn’t be there.  If God hadn’t provided everything through Jesus Christ, it wouldn’t matter how much we speak positive words, we would just be speaking into thin air.

But partner, when we speak the Word of God, we never speak mere words into thin air; Never! Never! Never! Jesus is the originator and fulfiller of that Word, He is in you, and He is backing you up all the way.  

Right now, put your sickle to work! Speak God’s promises; speak what Jesus has done over ever situation you are facing.

5. God has given you financial seed.

The word is clear, when we “sow bountifully we also reap bountifully” (2 Cor. 9:6). Thank you for your best seed offering for Grace TV this month. 

One of my favorite gifts that I have ever offered as a “thank you” is the Mustard Seed Pendant from Galilee, Israel. 

When you send your best seed gift this month, please ask for the Mustard Seed Pendant either with a sterling silver chain or a gold colored chain. When you look at the seeds in the glass vial, you’ll be reminded how your harvest begins with a tiny seed.

Thank you for doing your very best with the financial seed God has given you! I think you know how much Grace TV needs your help this month. It goes without saying that your support is critical at this time. 

Click here to let me know that you have received this message, and I thank you in advance for using your faith to sow your seed.

I will look for your response.

Thank you in Jesus name,
0817_Pic8.png (145×72)
Peter Youngren

P.S. Please, click here for your prayer requests, and to receive the Mustard Seed Pendant and necklace.



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